I am committed to making a difference with my photography.  For each and every client I donate 10% of my profit to one of my featured charities that my clients choose.  I want to help preserve memories and foster good all at the same time.  Please take a moment to check out the following local charities I partner with. 


Kids’ Food Basket is a nonprofit that attacks childhood hunger in Michigan.  Currently, KFB is serving approximately 4,700 children in greater Grand Rapids a nutritious Sack Supper each weekday.  Sack Suppers help to provide children with healthy calories to promote proper brain and physical development.  You can learn more at


2055 Oak Industrial Drive
Suite C
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
PH 616.235.4532
FAX 616.454.9387

 Please like them on facebook here!


You can donate to KFB at this link


Jilly’s Jems is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to heightening awareness of Melanoma in young people.   Jilly’s Jems was founded by Susan Hayes and this is her story:

September 23, 2010, one day before her 21st birthday, my daughter Jillian was diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma.

In July of 2009, Jillian discovered a mole on her back that had started to bleed. The mole was removed, and sent off for testing. The results came back showing that she had melanoma. A large portion of the surrounding area was excised, and two lymph nodes were removed. Results from the surgery showed the surrounding tissue and lymph nodes were clean, and free from cancer. One year later, during a routine visit, her surgeon suggested a PET scan for Jillian. From that scan it was discovered that Jillian had a tumor on her liver, and two more small tumors, one on each lung. Since that time, Jillian’s has undergone surgery to remove half of her liver, and two radiation surgeries to remove several tumors that were found on her brain.

In April,2011, Jillian began a BRAF clinical trial at the University of Michigan. For several months she responded to the trial drug. In October however, her scans revealed that four of her brain tumors had grown, along with four new ones. After consulting with several doctors, Jillian completed ten days of full brain radiation in preparation for the new FDA approved drug, Yervoy. Jillian continues to attack this nasty beast head on, with her usual strength, courage and determination. Jillian is a true warrior! In an effort to raise awareness of Melanoma, especially in young people, I have created a not-for-profit organization called, Jilly’s Jems. We are dedicated to educate and to spread awareness of this disease. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and has become an epidemic in young people. Research shows indoor tanning increases a person’s melanoma risk by 75 percent. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for 25-29-year-olds and the second most common form of cancer for 15-29-year-olds. UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds also has been associated with non-melanoma skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as wrinkles and age spots. . Please, visit your dermatologist for a yearly skin check. Cover up while in the sun and apply sun screen frequently. “Proud to be Pale”!

A portion of the proceeds will be given to research and fund awareness. The remaining proceeds will be set up as Scholarship to Flying Kick Soccer Club, in Jillian’s name, so that a child who cannot afford to enter the program will have the opportunity to play.   This is a way for Jillian to give back to her beloved coach Fabio, President of Flying Kick, for all of his support given during her soccer years.  Donations will also go to the MRF and AIM for melanoma research. I just started to check into donating to U of M where Jillian is currently undergoing treatment. All donations/funds are used exclusively for melanoma research and care related to patients and their families affected by melanoma.




Jilly’s Jems are currently for sale and on display at:

1.  Etsy: 


2.  The Skin Revitalizing Center

4285 Parkway Place SW

Grandville, MI 49418



3.  EverMyHart’s Enchanted Emporium (E3)

25 South Squires Street, Suite A

Rockford, MI 49341

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